Today sees the release of Wren's glorious new album GROUNDSWELLS in physical form.

As you may know, the digital edition has been around for a few months while we shuffled our plans to get a schedule that worked during this difficult period. We thank you for your patience!

The limited edition versions of the record are long sold out but you can still pick up regular editions of GROUNDSWELLS on vinyl and CD and, of course, it's available across streaming platforms as well.




“The hauntingly sorrowful title track puts Wren’s doom inclinations front and centre, slipping loose the earthly bonds of sludge to take the band into entirely new realms” METAL HAMMER

“As much as 'Groundswells' feels like a refinement though, it also broadens out the band’s sonic palette in some very evocative ways.... chiselled into an even more bleak, monolithic slab of heaviness " THE QUIETUS

"The dynamics are phenomenal. Wren find a riff and focus on it, adding weight to it with each repetition. Each track has the feel of mountains being built up then smashed back down." ASTRAL NOIZE

"This is a huge achievement. Even after I had finished listening to this album I had the riffs circling around my mind and making me want to listen to it again. I expect to see this one riding high on the end of year lists as this is stunning post-metal." ECHOES & DUST

"This is a harrowing, yet oddly beautiful experience that completely subsumes the listener into its bleak world, grinding down all before it into dust." NOIZZE

"Groundswells is gloomy, dark, lugubrious, the soundtrack to motional trauma and swings from anguished introspection to annihilative rage." AURAL AGGRAVATION

"This is an engaging and textured release, offering a compelling take on post-metal heaviness and mood-building." WONDERBOX METAL

“There is so much strength in the playing and in my eyes this is the tightest and most focused Wren have sounded. I have no doubt that this is going to turn crowds into mush when we are ready to hear this in a live setting.” BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR BREAKFAST

“this is one beautiful album that will leave you out of breath and crushed under its massive weight.” EVERYTHING IS NOISE

“a collection of sludgy post metal, perfectly suited for fans of everything between AmenRa and Isis, but listen closely and you'll be amazed.” MERCHANTS OF AIR

All LP and CD editions include a download code for 'Runes Ahead' - a sister EP to GROUNDSWELLS, comprised of additional noise experiments captured at Middle Farm Studios, alongside recontextualised source material from the tracklisting of GROUNDSWELLS, merged into unrecognisable states.

Pressing notes:

10 - Vinyl deluxe edition. Gizeh Store Exclusive. Silkscreened black ink on a white heavyweight card sleeve. Black poly-lined inner sleeve. Two additional silkscreened 12"x12" prints. Tote bag. 8 page zine. Hand-numbered. CD and download code included. SOLD OUT

30 - Vinyl label edition. Gizeh Store Exclusive. Silkscreened silver ink on a black heavyweight card sleeve. Black poly-lined inner sleeve. 8 page zine. Hand-numbered. CD and download code included. SOLD OUT

250 - Vinyl standard edition. Heavyweight card sleeve. Black poly-lined inner sleeve. Download code included.

30 - CD label edition. Gizeh Store Exclusive. Silkscreened black ink on a white recycled card sleeve. Hand-numbered. Download code included. SOLD OUT

200 - CD standard edition. Silkscreened white ink on a black recycled card sleeve. Download code included.

Silkscreened sleeves by Death Rattle Press

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