The Cry is a new improvising trio comprised of Christine Ott (Ondes Martenot, piano), Mathieu Gabry (keyboards, effects) and Pierre-Loïc Le Bliguet (drums, percussion).

On June 15th Gizeh will release their debut, self-titled album. This recording was created in November 2022 and it falls somewhere between avant-garde jazz, krautrock and progressive instrumental music.

This record holds multiple textures and the density of the music here offers a constantly renewed listening experience. These sounds sculptures are born in the moment and the trio play out compelling polyrhythmic movements immersed in an electro-acoustic magma.

You can now hear a first track from this stunning record entitled Fire of Love and pre-order the CD/digital editions.

The CD comes as a 6 panel card digipak and is available via the Gizeh shop or Bandcamp page.

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To present the album more precisely, we give the floor to the three protagonists:

Mathieu Gabry: "In a way, the first track sets the tone... ‘Fire of Love’ is a nod to the documentary film of the same name and a tribute to the lives of volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft. The couple travelled the planet guided by their passion for volcanoes, and the film is a wonderful adventure story about the unknown, living together and our relationship with the elements. In the twenty minutes of improvised music in that track, there is a kind of fusion going on, between us, between certain styles, something very telluric and very human at the same time. It’s an idea that I think corresponds well to this musical epic. But then again, maybe it’s a coincidence... and the fact that Christine and I saw the film a few days before the recording maybe gave it a title!"

Christine Ott: "The record opens with this warning cry that seems to come from the bowels of the earth, or from our bodies. Unless it is a call, an invitation to enter this magma, an analogical cry that I play here on a Korg MS20 with effects and very organic sounds I love. Playing this instrument opened up new horizons for me and offered me a great freedom of play. This beautiful meeting revealed to us a completely unexpected record...  For some months, I had in my mind to invite Pierre-Loïc to join us and play together. I heard him playing before and I was very impressed by his sensitive playing and his amazing groove. With Mathieu we had the chance to see his graduation concert, and we were very impressed by his interpretations of drum pieces by Andrea Mazzariello or Glenn Kotche (Wilco). It was powerful and delicate at the same time. So when we met to play together at Downtown Studios just for a day, we three didn't know what would happen. The Cry is a testimony of this magical moment of pure improvisation."

Pierre-Loïc Le Bliguet: "The Cry is a trio that speaks to me and that I understand, I feel almost at home. The record reminds me of bits of old Porcupine Tree, Esbjorn Svensson Trio or Gogo Penguin somewhere, but with a very singular language; the long temporalities, the treatment of timbres in morphing, all this process of evolution and metamorphosis... I hear a lot of things, and obviously a lot of groove, which is at the centre of all my convictions and conditions everything I play. I’ve always been attracted by the collective aspect of music, the various vibrations that it can give rise to. And I often ask myself this question: why and especially for whom do we play our instrument? With The Cry, we’re right in the middle of it, as I sometimes feel that the record is an instinctive reflection of a moment while being loaded with great depth and hidden meanings."

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