Richard Knox - Land Marks


Land Marks is a visual and audio body of work by artist and musician Richard Knox that explores gestural and experimental textures using ink and sound.

Art and music woven together.
Chance happenings that remain permanent.

The walls, pavements, bridges and fields serve as unrelenting inspiration. Constant presence. The grit, rust, water, paint and decay, a perpetual mark maker on these everyday experiences. Otherworldly contours. The permanence of happy accidents. The unintended that somehow resonates. Inadvertently. Captivating points of discovery on the familiar commute. Pay attention to your surroundings, to the details, to the seemingly familiar. Look deeper. Explore beauty in the decay.

Musically, Land Marks explores long-form drone composition, recorded to tape, predominantly using electric guitar. Distorted, broken motifs struggle through layers of reverb. Subtle pulses flicker in the distance. Bowed notes appear and fall away. The sound rooted in improvisation, in experimentation, in collapsing textures.

Land Marks is also an exhibition and sound installation and features 20 new pieces of monoprint and mixed-media work, taking place at KIN.DER in Glossop, Derbyshire.

Opening on Saturday May 20th for one day with a live performance from Richard in the evening, the exhibition will then re-open on May 27th through to May 29th as part of Derbyshire Open Arts. Tickets are available at

The music for Land Marks is released on May 19th and you can now pre-order the CD and digital editions and listen to Land Marks #9.


25 - CD - Artist edition. Recycled card packaging with individual and unique monoprinted artwork by Richard Knox. Every copy will be different. Hand numbered with insert and  additional art print inserts. Bandcamp code included inside the sleeve.

175 - CD - Limited edition. Silkscreened recycled card sleeves by Richard Knox. Hand numbered with insert. Bandcamp code included inside the sleeve.

All music written, recorded and mixed by Richard Knox at Cloud Blunt Moon.
Electric guitar, noise box, drum machine, fx, radio.

1 — Land Marks #9
2 — Land Marks #2
3 — Land Marks #7
4 — Land Marks #3
5 — Land Marks #8

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