Gizeh Records - Last stock remaining


Some slow and serious organising and arranging has been going on here at Gizeh HQ recently. This, coupled with a return of stock from our distributor means we now have a bunch of long out of stock titles back in, but in very small quantities.

If you are missing any of these fine records then now might be a good time to pick them up.

Please note that here in the UK we are experiencing postal strikes just now and added to the Christmas postal demand, things are taking a while to get through these days.

Keep reading for a list of everything we are super low on, we have 10 copies or less of all of these... dig in!

GZH17 - Glissando - With Our Arms Wide Open... (CD)
GZH35 - Farewell Poetry - Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite (LP)
GZH36 - Richard Knox & Frédéric D. Oberland - The Rustle of the Stars (CD)
GZH37 - A-Sun Amissa - Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep (CD)
GZH38 - Mere - Mere (CD)
GZH40 - Glissando - The World Without Us (LP + CD)
GZH46 - Chantal Acda - Let Your Hands Be My Guide (LP)
GZH52 - Charles-Eric Charrier - Petite Souer (LP)
GZH54 - Chantal Acda - Live in Dresden (CD)
GZH66 - Christine Ott - Only Silence Remains (LP + CD)
GZH68 - Shield Patterns - Mirror Breathing (LP)
GZH69 - Christine Ott - Tabu (CD)
GZH74 - Aidan Baker & Karen Willems - Nonland (LP)
GZH83 - Hundred Year Old Man - Breaching (2xLP)
GZH86 - FOUDRE! - Kami 神 (LP)
GZH90 - Some Became Hollow Tubes - Keep It In the Ground (LP)
GZH92 - A-Sun Amissa - For Burdened and Bright Light (CD)
GZH97 - A-Sun Amissa - Black Rain (CD)
GZH101 - Of Thread & Mist - Static Hymns to No One (CD)

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