Bleaklow - Glume EP



Bleaklow is made of Claire Knox and Richard Knox (A-Sun Amissa / Shield Patterns etc). The duo create distorted and billowing songs from fractured melodies and crumbling ambient drones.

Using minimal instrumentation, 4 track recorders and field recordings, Bleaklow’s sound is a hypnotic swoon, moving between fragile spacious notes and blown out ethereal noise.

Glume is the duo's debut release and was recorded during the early months of 2023 at their Cloud Blunt Moon studio in Glossop, UK.

Bleaklow's approach is one of immediacy, favouring first takes, recording to tape, capturing improvised moments. The basis of this EP was written and recorded in just a handful of sessions, embracing the self-imposed limitations of a small number of instruments and no post-recorded processing.

Glume is released on June 30th and a CD edition will be available to order the same day. For exclusive early access make sure you are singed up to the Gizeh newsletter.

In the meantime you can hear a first cut from the EP entitled Coldharbour Moon and pre-order the digital edition.

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