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Trio Not Trio is a series of five releases from Aidan Baker (Nadja, Hypnodrone Ensemble etc) Available individually, as part of a subscription or as a limited edition box set.

Each release will appear on this page in due course throughout 2023. Scroll down for details on dates, subscriptions and the box set.


Canadian (but Berlin-based) guitarist Aidan Baker began the Trio Not Trio project in 2022 as a series of improvisational recording sessions wherein Baker played in person as a duo with another Berlin-based musician then sent those recordings to an international musician to add a third part to complete the trio.

Baker chose this particular work method in a deliberate attempt to explore the different experiences and methodologies of in-person performance compared to long-distance, file-sharing collaborations. The resulting recordings from these five trios, eleven different musicians, none of whom had previously worked together, resulted in quite different albums, each with unique sounds and characteristics, combining elements of jazz, ambient, electronic, rock, and avant-garde music, even as Baker's signature guitar sound binds them together. While the sessions varied in length, each album has been slightly edited down and/or re-arranged so that each are approximately an hour long.

Each of the 5 CD's come in deluxe, hand-silkscreened, gatefold, recycled card sleeves with an insert and bandcamp download code included. Each one is hand-numbered, and limited to 185 copies.

The box set is limited to 35 copies and each one is individually hand-painted, using mixed media methods by Aidan Baker. See below for details on subscriptions and shipping.

Trio Not Trio #1 - Yn Gyntaf
Aidan Baker / John Colpitts / Stacy Taylor

Below are all the participants involved in the project with each collaboration to be announced in due course.

Aidan Baker (CA - guitar) |

Daron Beck (US - keyboards) 

John Colpitts (US - drums) |

Melissa Guion (US - guitar/bass/electronics) |

Tobias Humble (UK - drums)

Rohan Rebeiro (AUS - drums/percussion) |

Sofía Salvo (AR - baritone saxophone) |

Jana Sotzko (DE - drums) 

Ayami Suzuki (JP - voice/electronics) |

Stacy Taylor (UK - vocals)

Tim Wyskida (US - drums) | |

Artwork, packaging design and printed sleeves by Richard Knox

5 CD BOX SET SUBSCRIPTION: #1 - #35. You will receive each CD as it is released and the box will ship with the final CD. Your numbers will match throughout the series. ie- if you are the first person to order then every subsequent CD in the series will be #1. The first 4 CD's will be shipped with standard shipping and the final CD/box set with tracked delivery. Limited to one per person.

5 CD SUBSCRIPTION: #36 - #85. You will receive each CD as it is released. Your numbers will match throughout the series. ie- if you are the 36th person to order then every subsequent CD in the series will be #36.

INDIVIDUAL CD'S: #86 - #185. These work as any normal release and you can choose to purchase these as and when they are released.

RELEASE DATES: 2023. #1 May 9th, #2 June , #3 August, #4 September, #5 November. These dates are subject to change but we will do our best to stick to them!

Release date:
 May 9th and throughout 2023
Catalogue #: GZH104 / GZH106 / GZH108 / GZH110 / GZH112
Formats: CD / CD Box Set / Digital

PLEASE NOTE - due to the complications around shipping subscriptions and variations of this release the CD's will only be available via the Gizeh Online Shop and not via Bandcamp. Digital editions are available via Bandcamp as usual though.

We offer a variety of shipping options, including tracked delivery. All orders are shipped using high grade protective packaging. 
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