A-Sun Amissa - Black Rain (I)


A-Sun Amissa have released the second track from Black Rain (I)Out Past the Dark is streaming now via our Bandcamp page.

Black Rain (I)
 takes the form of three extended pieces of new music from A-Sun Amissa, written and recorded by Richard Knox during the early months of 2020. One new track from the record is released digitally at the beginning of May, June and July.

Some words from Richard about the release...
"Focusing on a more ambient and cinematic approach, Black Rain offers another texture to the A-Sun Amissa palette. Plans for releases and touring during 2020 have inevitably been wrecked as the world focuses on more important things. Subsequently, we have to find new ideas and forge fresh paths, find new hope, look for ways to do things differently and seek opportunities in these trying times.

This work will test the waters in conjunction with Bandcamp’s very generous artist donation days which will happen on May 1st, June 5th and July 3rd. It’s an opportunity to try something slightly different in terms of approaching releasing music, without the fanfare or touring demands. Something more impulsive, direct and free of constraints."

We are working on a CD edition to be announced alongside the release of the third track. This release is offered as a free/pay what you want download and, of course, any support is hugely appreciated.

A-Sun Amissa - Black Rain (I)

Richard Knox / A-Sun Amissa

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