GZH100 - Q&A - Otto Lindholm


In celebration of the label's 100th release we put together a Q&A for some of the artists involved to give an insight into their artistic world and how they connected with Gizeh.

GZH100 - We Hovered With Short Wings is a compilation album celebrating Gizeh's 100th release. It features 21 exclusive tracks from artists who have been involved with the label over the past 18 years.



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Can you remember how you ended up first getting involved with Gizeh

Cyrille: Thanks to my debut LP, which leads to release the my next LP 'Alter'

What are you currently finding inspiring?

In these weird times, I would say:  human beings’ adaptability, absurdity of our modern way of conduct and the futility of our daily lives.

Since none of us have been able to tour this year, what have you been occupying yourself with?

Composing, scoring, practicing and as Candide wisely advised, cultivating my garden.

Tell us a bit about your workspace / studio / the place you create.

A wonderful basement nearby my place, perfect to write underground music. OK, I miss a huge bay window with a majestic view on hills and lakes... for the next one, Brussels is full of unsuspected places.

What does a regular day look like for you? Do you have routines or habitual ways you work?

Nope, it really depends on the emergencies and projects’ dead lines I’m involved with. Otherwise I really like indulge myself my inspiration. Besides, I try to keep practicing my double bass everyday, the worst thing for me is loosing my precious callus.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Johny Greenwood! Oh, it would be fantastic to work and explore with him. Who knows...

What was your entry point into playing music?

Listening to the radio and playing secretly my big bro guitar. Then at one point, we decided to set up a band with college friends, For any reason, I endorsed the bass player role and stick to it for almost 30 years.

How do you know when a record's finished?

Never... It’s one of the hardest decision for me. I always forced myself to finish.
Generally, when I realise I’m focusing only on tiny details, I set the piece aside for a while. Then, with fresh ears, I listen back to it. If nothing exceptionally odd occurred (fingers crossed), the piece is then finished and I send it to the mix.

How do you balance health and productivity?

I’m quite slow in terms of writing music for my own, i.e. with no professional goals. I let my ideas flourish by themself, digging first them on the piano, then conceptualise how to transfer them on the double bass. Speaking of health, I’m able to throwing myself completely into the work which can be really bad for my health, i had bad experiences in the past… We learn from our mistakes, don’t we?!

Do you have a favourite Gizeh release or one that particularly resonates with you?

Baker / Goff / Harris - Noplace
Such a wonderful lp, I love the way the 3 musicians play and build the music together. Lay out is amazing too, minimal and sharp as the music is!

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